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As dentists, we do our best to restore teeth and gums. Really, we are working with the whole mouth and beyond, called the orofacial complex... And complex it is! Once we have thoroughly examined and consulted with the patient, a plan is established to restore the mouth to original (or better than the original) form and function. Many times, it can be a process to formulate a plan, and though complicated, we will explain your options and provide you with the information you need to decide what best works for you.

Composite Fillings

We use tooth colored bonding techniques for almost all our fillings (composite fillings). It not only looks better but makes for less drilling and a stronger and better-looking result. Often, with bonded techniques and caught early enough, a very small cavity can be filled without anesthetics and without pain. Large cavities can be dealt with as well.

Dental RestorationWith these teeth, old silver fillings were replaced with an excellent result.

Dental RestorationThis technique can be used throughout the mouth to restore most teeth. Durable, esthetic and comfortable, what's there not to like about these tooth colored fillings? They look like crowns.

Other Fillings

We do many other fillings - gold, silver, temporary sedative, and porcelain, but we've found our patients gravitate to the above composites for value, excellent function with esthetics.

Orthodontic Work