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View cases we have done at MVD.  We combine the disciplines of Invisalign, braces, bonding, crowns, bridges, veneers (composite and/or porcelain),  bleaching and shaping.  Talk about a smile upgrade.  Look better chew better, be comfortable.

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Invisalign moves teeth invisibly with more comfort, less pain and less hassle than braces.  Take aligners out to eat, drink brush and floss. Many a patient exclaims, "It's magical!"
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Crooked Teeth
Braces and Shaping  
We incorporate the latest wire and bracket technology (the Damon system).  Cosmetic shaping takes care of abnormal wear when the teeth were crowded.
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crown/bridge/veneer collage
Crowns, Bridges, and Veneers  
Transform your smile and chewing function with these techniques.  It often takes less time and money than straightening teeth.  Amazing.  Look and see!

As delicate as a contact lens, these porcelain veneers can be placed with no pain or anesthetics, in two visits, achieving dramatic results.
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bonding before and after
One fourth the cost of crowns, and less time, this can be a preferred solution for many with discolored, and/or crowded teeth.
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Finish the job with Invisalign Express. Only $2000.
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Complimentary with all cases
  • Initial exam
  • CranioSacral Therapy
  • Bleaching
  • Tooth Shaping
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Designed for the unique and dynamic needs of our teens.
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